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This is a very important question, and we would love to give you our honest answer. Here we go (no hard feelings, we are simply stating facts):
  1. To Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and other large companies, you are nothing (insignificant). Regardless of the size of business you are running, these companies have hundreds of thousands more.
  2. Their Support Teams usually consist of juniors and sometimes even trainees. They will read from a handbook to try to solve your problem. They are not thinking on their own.
  3. Most of the time you are on your own. If you need help, you will have to waste your time either searching for help or waiting –between 24 and 72 hours– for a reply to a ticket you submitted.
  4. You will have to pay for Premium Support to get an account manager dedicated to you. Even then, this assigned account manager is usually assigned 10 or 20 more companies.
With Jordan Data Network, you will have:
  1. Our complete attention because you are among the few whom we serve.
  2. Dedicated support with knowledge of what is going on. Why? Because we built everything ourselves. We know our systems inside out.
  3. Our experience available to you if you have issues and you want things done fast.
  4. Someone to keep track of everything related to your business:
    1. Website and E-Mail availability.
    2. Security Certificates issuance and renewal.
  5. Complete access to us using several communication platforms:
    1. Online Chat.
    2. Dedicated Support Portal with integrated access credentials. No need to create new usernames and passwords to access our support.
    3. By E-Mail, phone, and SMS.
    4. By IP Telephony. We have our own VoIP PBX dedicated to our clients free of charge.
We know all our clients personally. You are not an account number or a customer ID. Find out more about us on our About Us page.


Register – Renew – Transfer your domain to Jordan Data Network and enjoy free services. We offer free domain registration, renewal, and/or transfer with most of our web and email hosting plans. Get in touch with us to find out more.


We provide website and E-Mail hosting solutions that are catered to your needs. Our MailEnable Enterprise Premium and Microsoft Exchange 2016 mail servers will definitely meet your requirements.
Visit our Hosting Page for options and offers.

We provide complete Cybersecurity implementation and assessment projects. Get a free estimate on your security requirements today. We will be happy to assist in securing your valuable information.
We provide state-of-the-art fast servers running Solid State Drives for your virtualization environment. We will have your personal dedicated VM with its own dedicated IP address and SSL certificate running in no time.
We provide cloud storage solution to our clients. All Exchange clients enjoy 1GB of free cloud storage on our cloud. Other options are available. We can also setup your own cloud server on-premise or on our cloud.



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