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GoDaddy, just like all other BIG companies, is too busy for their Resellers and even worse for their regular clients. Here are some of the reasons for the switch:

  1. Their support is hard to get in touch with. They will have you go through lots and lots of pages filled with worthless information for people who know what they are doing.
  2. If you finally get in touch with them using Online Chat or WhatsApp, you get a junior who will quote or sends you a link to one of the worthless pages you just read.
  3. If you decide to open a ticket, they will have you wait for 72 hours before they get back to you with something totally useless, such as the issue was resolved when it is not.
  4. In the meantime, your business is on hold until you resolve the issue you are stuck with.
  5. Or they just ask you to call their support on the phone. We must make a long-distance phone call to tell them about their problems.
  6. Their systems have become unstable in the last couple of years which makes our job even more frustrating. Pages do not load and too many “Bad Gateway” error messages.

This company has more than 55 Million active domains! Do you think they care much about your business? Even if you have 10,000 domains registered with them!

This is what we had to deal with just the last few days!