Help and Support

We provide full online and offline support for all of our IT products and services. Online support requests are submitted using our Support System where all records are stored and organized based on priority and other criteria.

We also provide personalized visits to our clients' premises for issues that require our presence. Certain clients require regular monthly visits for various reasons, regular checkup or company requirement. These clients can benefit from our Annual contracts at a discounted rate.

To speed up the process of solving issues and for our clients' convenience, we utilize remote support to work on issues with speed and accuracy. Clients do not loose time waiting for our physical presence.

Follow this simple procedure when creating a support ticket for remote support:

  1. Download our preferred remote assistance software here:;
  2. Run the downloaded package and make note of the number you are issued;
  3. Create an account on our Support Site and create a new support request;
  4. Provide us with the number you received from Step 2 above;
  5. Standby to allow us access to your PC or server;
  6. Our support staff will work on the issue as you watch our progress. When done, you may close Anydesk.